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One of the top image consultants in the country.
Wealth Magazine
Chgo Tribune

Chgo Tribune

Robin dresses Chicago's male power brokers.
Chicago Tribune

Before you say the "F" word . . .

Not a "Fashionista",  Robin is a Product Marketer and PEOPLE are her PRODUCT.
Robin Walker Image Consultant
While others follow fashion, Robin follows industries, image and personal branding strategies to help her clients dress for their market, message and goals.

A seasoned marketing maven, she'll take  20 years of marketing, strategic planning and branding experience to help men visually communicate their personal brand.

Witty, Relevant and a little off the cuff,  she'll be your secret weapon for style. She can outfit you with what you need to create a visual personal brand that gets you Seen, Heard and Remembered, for all the right reasons!

So, if world domination, sales and success are your thing,  Click Robin@askRobinWalker.com

So, what's in your closet?


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