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  1. Dressing for the Media:  Whoever said “the camera doesn’t lie” probably didn’t spend much time in front of one. I can tell you  first hand that when it comes to public speaking, a media appearance or company photo, what you wear everyday to the office, doesn’t always fly on film.

    The camera does lie, or at least it has its own version of the truth.  The impression you set out to make – while you’re  reporting on your company’s earning or losses, promoting your new book or at a public speaking event – isn’t always the one the camera records.

  2. Networking in Style  If you want to get the most out of your networking events over the holiday season, I say Go Bold, stand out and let the laws of attraction kick in. 

    Here are a few tips that will help you be seen in the crowd. 

    1)    Nix the boring every day stuff and stand out!

    Out with business casual and in with a quality and polished look.

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  5. If you’re new to golf, you definitely want to listen to Image and Etiquette tips from our  Chicago Golf  Expert Joe Bosco of

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    Men's Style: Looking Sexy in Bed.

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