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Tips for Men on Whats Sexy in Bed

Men's Style: Looking Sexy in Bed. I'm not kidding when I say "I dress my clients from the bedroom to the boardroom." Style doesn't stop at the bedroom door.  Word to the wise, what you wear to bed, may have a significant impact on what happens going forward.  Last weekend, I wanted to find out what other women thought about your bedtime attire, so, I tweeted about it and here's what the ladies said about what they want to see in bed.

Ultimately, Naked is sexy.  But we want you to start off with something on. Want to be sexy in bed, well, it turns us on to undress our men and it brings out another side of our personalities that you will totally miss if you stripe down in 1 minute and jump in bed.

Start off with something Interesting. Best tip for men on what women want in bed... we want you to leave the white Fruit of the Loom briefs in the drawer. Even if you choose boxers over pajama bottoms, they can still be sexy and have some personality.

Pay attention to the hole(s).
  I'm referring to the ones that may be in your clothes!  Anything ripped, torn or bearing a hole is a turn off. It makes us wonder what else is raggedy and immediately lowers our libido.

Now, with all that being said, sometimes scuba equipment, fire fighter uniforms, and super hero costumes can  be appropriate to wear to bed, we know that you're not going to sleep in it and it might be fun way to kick off the evening.

Mens Style: How to be Sexy in Bed
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