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short men 1 Dressing Short: Tips for Short MenStyle Tips for Short Men: Finding the right fit is a challenge for short men, however since I work with a lot of short men there’s a thing or two I learned about dresing short men, mainly, it’s about presence not size. Like I tell my clients I can’t make you physically taller but I sure as sh!t make other people look up to you!

Here’s a few image and style tips for looking tall and creating more presence in your clothes.

Master the Line. Aim for wearing as many vertical lines as possible but let me explain what I mean by line. A line does not have to be a bold pinstripe, it can be a subtle line in the pattern of your shirt. Jackets also create lines, collars create line, see wear I’m going with this? Avoid wearing a bold pinstripe, unless you’re a pimp or a preacher its for amateurs.

Keep it up.
Collars and ties are important because they frame your face and keep the eye from wandering. So wearing the right style collar spread and point will keep people focused on your message and not your size. By the way, this is one of the reasons, I became a custom clothier. Call me lazy, but its easier to make it a custom shirt and get it right the first time, than run around in heels trying to find the right collar and fit for my clients.

Think fit not size. Know upfront that everything you buy will need to be altered. Not only will a twenty dollar alteration do wonders for you, you’ll start to get a good sense of how your clothes should fit you.

Shop in the Right Places. If you are a grown man and short, avoid all temptations to go to the boys department and/or wear cheap clothes. In addition to not finding the quality you need, its also going to be hard to find professional attire and you’ve got to look better than the competition.

Break the Rules: Don’t let size dictate what you wear, only how you wear it. A lot of my clients have a list of things that they were told not to wear, most of them include cuffs. Personally, there’s only a couple of things I would advice against short men wearing but cuffs are one of them. I like cuffs on short men, it makes you guys look more dapper. Pair that with a quality fabric and BAM – you’re gonna walk taller. So instead of ruling things out, try wearing them differently, in the case of cuff, just wear a narrower cuff!

If you want more fashion tips for short men, listen to my podcast, appropriately titled the short end of style and don’t get bent out of shape when you hear me call my short clients “breast height” it was said with love.

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