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Networking in Style  If you want to get the most out of your networking events over the holiday season, I say Go Bold, stand out and let the laws of attraction kick in. 

Here are a few tips that will help you be seen in the crowd. 

1)    Nix the boring every day stuff and stand out!

Out with business casual and in with a quality and polished look.  Dress up so that you look successful at what you do. People are naturally attracted to others who “look” successful so why not start off with the look?  Here’s a little success tip that your colleagues won’t tell you: some of the most successful people I work with dressed the part before they had it.

2)    Go Bold and wear some color and brighten up everybody’s day!

Guys, a white shirt is a white shirt and a white shirt is boring.  Ladies, wearing all black is boring too. Put some color where it counts - near your face!  Color has an emotional value that can set you apart. Wear your best colors so that it creates a "feel good" vibe around you and atracts others to you.

3)    Go Deep and pay attention to the detail!

I’m not just talking about the simple stuff like polished shoes, that’s child’s play. Let’s polish your pearly whites, get a good facial scrub and delve into everything else that has to do with personal grooming.  I say go all out and get your teeth cleaned, groom your eyebrows, wax something and whack all unnecessary bush!

4)    Own your style! 

And the only way to really do that is to know that you look good.  Get rid of any and all questionable garments.  I've see it too many times, clients wearing something completely jacked up just because they own it.  You may not always know what looks good, but you pretty much know if something looks bad. Just get rid of it. Move on. Liberate yourself.

5)    Stand tall and smile.

Good posture and a smile convey confidence and charisma so stand up (no leaning) and smile.

Remember, networking is about connections. In a room full of people, the first connection is usually visual, so put yourself out there and Network in Style!

Feel free to reprint this article. Just keep the following information in tact.

Robin Walker is an image consultant and clothier who outfits her clients with the information – and wardrobe – they need to be Seen, Heard and Remembered for all the right reasons. To learn how you can create your own Image Advantage, contact Robin at 312.431.9662 or visit us at

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