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Principles of Good Packaging

The Principles of Good Packaging

Unbelievable! Small changes, big differences!
P. Novick
Robin gets it.
S. Morgan
I don't take chances, I go straight to Robin!
F. Luka

Personal. Confidential. And all about You!

We like to deliver results, therefore all  services are tailored around your specific needs. However in a typcial session, we will accompilish the following:

  • Define your personal strengths so that we can build around them.
  • Identify your best colors, fit and styles based on your body, image and desired outcome.
  • Perform an audit of your current wardrobe so that we can decide what to wear, purchase and avoid.
  • Create a list of personalized style principles that reflect your desired style and send a consistent message
  • Develop a shopping and wardrobe plan with the key items needed to support your style.

In addition to your personalized session, all of our services include a complemenarty 15 minute phone consultation  (download questionnaire) a preplanning call and post consultation follow up call.

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