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Image Consulting Services

It's more than just clothes. It's your image!

Whoever said you can't book by its cover was right -  just unrealistic! People DO judge a book by its cover, and that's why its essential to dress for the message you want to send.

Meet Robin Walker, an image consultant with a focus on style. Her mission is to help you plan, purchase and coordinate a wardrobe that is unique and specific to your market, message and goals.

To that end, Robin dresses sales professionals to close, attorneys to win and a few people for world domination.

Working side by side with a professional image consultant you'll eliminate the guesswork of what to wear and how to wear it well.  Plus, you'll have time, money and love the way to you AND they way you are seen. And it doesn't stop there, as image consultants, we can help you with all aspects of professional image and personal style.

Our services are personal, confidential and delivered with substance, humor and style.

Give yourself an image advantage! Pick up the phone and let's find out if we're a good fit - pun intended!

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