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Results from post Workshop Survey

30 days after The Elements of Style Workshop here's what participants had to say:

“After Ms. Walker’s presentation I made up my mind that I had to make some changes. The following weekend I followed her guidelines. I decided on the image I wanted, reorganized my closet, got rid of outdated clothing, and worked on my color palette. Since I’ve made those changes, I’ve feel better, people take my more seriously and I’ve been getting compliments on my outfits and my work on a daily basis.”

“Ms. Walker made suggestions that were contrary to things I’ve heard in the past, but when I tried them at home, they worked!”

“Since the workshop, I have changed my wardrobe, I started color coordinating my outfits the way she demonstrated with the color wheel and it works. I’m no longer afraid to wear tan and rust or burgundy with brown and when I wear it and it feels good.”

“I asked Robin where to shop on an extremely low budget and I was surprised when she answered “anywhere” if you follow the principles we talked about   - including Salvation Army. I actually went there and found a whole new wardrobe that reflects my new style and has a better fit.  I couldn’t believe I looked better in that stuff than I did in my more expensive clothes.  She knows what she’s talking about.”

“Robin summed it up:  professional success, personal success and opportunity.”

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