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Personal Style Blueprint for Men

Ready for a Change?Mens Fashion Makeover

Update and upgrade your image and style with your Personal Style Blueprint  -  a definitive guide for what to wear, purchase and avoid! 

Based exclusively on your body type and features, your Personal Style Blueprint is your personal image consultant and 24 hour fashion stylist. 

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Your Blueprint will have hundreds of clothing, fashion and style recommendations for your height, weight, body type and physique.

Use your blueprint to save time, money, and look good in your clothes!

From eyewear and collar styles to briefcases and shoes, no clothing or accessory is left out.


Whether you prefer business causual or suits and ties, you'll have definitive fashion advice on:

  •     Shirts, Collar Styles, Ties
  •     Suits, Jackets, Pants and Trousers
  •     Belts, Shoes, and Men's accessories
  •     Outfit Coordination and Pattern Matching
  •     Outerwear, Business Wear, Casual Wear and more!

Use your Personal Style Blueprint to LOOK, FEEL and BE … better than the next guy! 

Easy to use and understand, Order your Personal Style Blueprint in 3 easy steps!

Step One:      Complete and submit the information below.

Step Two:      We'll take the information you provide, and prepare your personalized blueprint exclusively for you.

Step Three:   Your blueprint will arrive in 3 weeks with all the answers you need to look great in your clothes.

Use your Style Blueprint to makeover your wardrobe and update your style!

BluePrint for Men

BluePrint for Men

Using state of the art technology, your Personal Style Blueprint will feature detailed recommendations on hundreds of clothing that will look great on you based on your body type, height, weight, age and other physical features. You’ll have the information you need to look GREAT in your clothes!

Each Blueprint is completely customized and includes 60 minutes of Live Support on how to use your blueprint to shop, dress and tailor your style into what you want it to be!

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
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