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Style Blueprint 2

Style Blueprint 2

The live support is great. I always look forward to your sage advice!
T. Montgomery
Style Blueprint 3

Style Blueprint 3

My wife loves her blueprint, she said it was her best gift ever.
K. Bowles
Style Blueprint

Style Blueprint

I feel in control of how I look with my blueprint.
M. Garner

With your Personal Style Blueprint . . .   Everyone can look GREAT in their Clothes!   

 Tired of looking at a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Or worsespending hundreds of dollars on uneventful clothing?

 Those days are over with Your Style Blueprint®, a definitive guide for what to Wear, Purchase and Avoid

What's a Style Blueprint?

Your Style Blueprint is a do-it-yourself online clothing guide that will instantly identify over 600 of the best clothing styles suited for your body type, line, height, weight and age. Your Style Blueprint is designed to eliminate costly fashion mistakes AND make sure you always look great in your clothes!

For Women            
For Men





How it Works:

Using state of the art technology, your Personal Style Guide creates a personalized clothing guide based on your body line and features. It contains over 600 specific clothing recommendations and pictures suited to your body type along with expert fashion advice for every type of garment imagineable.

Your Style Blueprint will give you:

  Expert fashion advice based on your body line and features

  Over 600 smart fashion tips on what to wear, purchase and avoid.

  Age appropriate fashion advice  that reflect you at your best

  Easy to understand pictures and full clothing descriptions

  Image tips for being appropriately dressed for all ocassions

  Full detailed descriptions of every garment type imagineable

  Professional wardrobe solutions for your Hard to fit areas

  Slimming fashion tips to direct attention to where you want it

  Casual, Business Casual and Business guide

  Simple ways to save time, money and look great

  Suggestions on hair styles, grooming, eyewear and footwear and everything in between!


Your clothing guide save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in clothing mistakes’ll receive expert fashion advice AND always look great in your clothes!

 Get Expert Fashion Advice for less than a hundred dollars!

  Order now and receive these 3 Bonuses! 

Get 90 days of  FREE live support through our monthly telephone calls!

Receive a private invitation to participate our exclusive personal development webinar series.

Bonus audio recording: Jumpstart your Style



Create your Personal Style Guide in Minutes!


Step One:  Click the Order Button to Purchase your style guide.


Step Two:   Within minutes you'll receive your login information to create your personal style guide.


Step Three: Simply follow the online prompts and add in your details. No tape measurer is required.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your Personal Style Blueprint is one hundred percent guaranteed for one year because we know that you’ll save hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars by knowing what clothing types best suit your body type, image and style. Plus, you receive: Free reprints if your weight changes within one year!


If you have questions, no worries, you’ll receive your first invitation to participate in our Inner Circle call shortly or you can email robin @ askRobinWalker [dot]com

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