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Tips for Men on Personal Image and First Impressions

Positive First Impressions SellHow to Dress for Clients: First impressions are a huge part of whether or not you get the sale. Your prospect’s first impression of you colors his or her image of you after that first meeting. Deep down you already know that image matters. Its not uncommon to spend hours, days and weeks, working on a presentation, dressing it up so it reflects our message but how much time do we actually spend on how we present ourselves?

Men Image and Style Tips


The fact is that looking as great as your presentation will help you close. These tips are for anyone who wants a sales advantage starting with being Dressed to Close.

Dress with Purpose
Understand your prospect’s image of how a successful person in your field would dress, and then dress the part. After all, would you buy “peace of mind” from someone who looks like they lost theirs? Would you choose a realtor who looks like they haven’t had a sale in years? Probably not.

Start Wearing a Uniform

Learn what looks good on you, then set a personal standard. Consistency is key. Up and down dressing sends an inconsistent message and if you have a long sales cycle you can’t afford to be caught off guard.

Wear Clothes That Fit
Clothing that’s too large or too small gives the impression that you are out of touch with who you really are. Sales professionals need a personal image that is tailored, polished and successful.

Choose the Right Colors

Color is one of the most important aspects of looking great. Your best-looking outfit will complement your skin color. The wrong color will make you look old, tired and dull. The right colors get you sold.

Practice Impeccable Grooming
A touchy subject for most people, your hair and grooming can make or break your look. Find a trusted stylist and get to know them before they cut and color. And just so you know – nothing will ruin your look faster than a hairstyle that dates from another era or a comb over.

Purchase Clothing That Works Together
To make dressing easy and be in control of your image, you should plan your wardrobe so that most of your clothing works together. By purchasing mostly coordinates, you can easily mix and match to extend your clothing options.

Invest in Well-Coordinated Accessories
People view mixed-matched accessories as a sign of what you know or don't know. Contrary to popular belief, they are not sizing up how much you spent, they are sizing up how much you know. Things like black shoes with a brown belt, a digital watch with cufflinks, an evening bag with a casual outfit – all send the wrong message.

Dress like a Winner. Success attracts success. Be good at what you do and look like it - be Dressed to Close!

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