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Look great everyday with your Personal Style Blueprint!

 Your Personal Style Blueprint is your definitive guide for what to Wear, Purchase and Avoid. 

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What is a Personal Style Blueprint?

Your Style Blueprint is an online style guide that instantly identifies over 600 of the best clothing styles based on your body line, height, weight and age so that you always look great in your clothes!

What does a Style Blueprint do?

Shows you What to Wear, Purchase and Avoid for your body type and style
Creates an  easy to follow blueprint to maximizing your visual image through style
Gives you age appropriate clothing choices for work and at play

Shows you how to fit, hard to fit areas
Puts you in control of your image and style

Helps you be your own Personal Shopper
Details Step-by-Step how shop and coordinate your clothes.
Provides solid style advice so that you’re in control of your personal image

Saves you hundreds or thousands, by helping you make the right clothing choices.
Gives you affordable ways to build wardrobe that works for you
Expands your personal style but showing your how to create your look
Acts as your one on one personal image consultant and personal shopper
Shows you how to coordinate your wardrobe and create a signature style

Tells you how to create a enviable personal image and style that attracts opportunity

Shows you how to dress for comfort, confidence and look great in your clothes!

No two Blueprints are the same . . .

Your Style Blueprint will be as unique as you are!

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